Airgun City....The big airgun experience.

AIRGUN CITY: The Big Airgun Experience

All Ages Of The General Public Enjoying The Airgun Section At The British Shooting Show

Hugely popular and always one of the busiest areas of the show. Packed with everything for the airgun enthusiast including major manufacturers and retailers of top rifle and pistol brands. Plus a wealth of accessories and information on airgunning - A true airgun megastore!

Part Of The Airsoft Team at The British Shooting Show

Plus shooting for everyone: manufacturers ranges so you can try before you buy, ATEO coaching line for youngsters and novices, 10 metre Olympic match range, action pistol shooting and bell target etc.

Preparation Loading Of The Air Gun At The British Shooting Show
Talk to the manufacturers for detailed product specifications and technical advice.
Try guns on the manufacturer's private ranges.
A fine example of the general public getting hands on with all the latest shooting equipment available from the shooting industry worldwide
Be the first to see new products and the latest developments.
Hundreds of guns to choose from on the retail stands.
Experience ATEO Air Targets
Save ££'s check out special "Show only" offers.

ATEO Coaching Line

- expert help and guidance for youngsters and novices.
Experience The Pistol Ranges at The British Shooting Show

Pistol shooting and competitions.

Free entry prize draws & competitions for pistols, rifles & accessories.
The Olympic Experience; NSRA 10 metre Match Target Range. A great chance to try this rewarding shooting discipline & find out about clubs near you.
General Public Enjoying The Airgun Range's At The British Shooting Show

Target shooting for the blind and disabled with the NSRA.

SCATT Simulators with the NSRA

– analyse your shooting skills and improve your performance.

Antique & Classic Airgun Displays

take a look back at how things have changed – add some nostalgia to your airgun collection.

Scopes & Optics

- See a huge range of scopes from the world leading manufacturers. Check out all the latest developments and new innovations.

The Public Were Very Interested In The Wid Range Of Airguns At The British Shooting Show

Action Pistol Shooting

- Try it yourself at the show...
"Action Air Shooting" or "Iron Plate Action Shooting" is a fast growing, action packed shooting discipline which uses muli-shot CO2 powered air pistols such as the Beretta 92, the Colt 1911 and Smith & Wesson revolvers. Shooters start with a holstered pistol and have to shoot 5 steel plate targets in quick succession from a standing and double handed position. The shooting sequence is electronically timed and the fastest time wins. Action pistol shooting is ideally suited for indoor or outdoor ranges – all of the equipment including the electronic shot timer can be obtained for around £200. So if your local club doesn't already provide the facility make sure to tell them about IPAS. For more information or to visit the IPAS website (
Checkout The British Airsoft Show At The BSS...
The Airsoft and Airgun Section Is For All Ages At The British Shooting Show
Find out more About Airsoft Guns & Gaming...

Bell Target Demonstrations

, information and Have-a-Go.
Getting Hands On With The Bell Targets!

Airgun World, Air Gunner and Airgun Shoote

r; meet and talk to the experts.

Clubs and associations

– get good advice and shoot safe.

Relax and chat with friends and other enthusiasts.

Just some of the guns and accessories on display and for sale at AIRGUN CITY 2014.
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16th, 17th, 18th February 2018

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