Choose from a vast array of rifles, including quality used firearms in a multitude of calibres.

Rifles at The Shooting Show

At the Shooting Show Rifle relevant exhibitors are clearly identified. All trade stands relevant to rifle shooting with either rifles for sale, accessories or rifle shooting information will sport the rifle focus logo. Look out for the Rifle Focus logo on stands throughout the shooting show. This eye catching logo will ensure that you don't miss anything of special interest and enable you to quickly identify all of the many rifle and rifle accessory suppliers.


An Amazing Close Up Of A Rifle At The British Shooting Show


The British Shooting Show is a rifle shooters paradise. From "out of the box" factory rifles to the finest specialist custom builds, the choice is almost endless at the shooting show. There are rifles for every discipline from pest control, deer stalking and big game right through to all the specialist target shooting disciplines and calibres.

1000's of new & used rifles on display and for sale – at prices to suit every budget: choose from a vast array of rifles, including quality used firearms in a multitude of calibres, or the best possible deal on that special bespoke custom build you've always promised yourself.


Custom Builders & Specialist Rifles

Firearms Discussing Their Latest Rifle at The British Shooting Show


Hunting & stalking rifle specialists.

Whether for pest control or deer stalking in the UK or for European, North American or African game you'll find the rifle and calibre combination to suit the job. Talk to the manufacturers, check out what's new and what's coming, handle and evaluate all the guns on display and for sale at the shooting show.Get the best advice from the best in the business.


The General Public Trying Out Rifle's and Scopes


Hunting & Stalking Advice and information

Professional advice and information on all aspects of live quarry shooting. So whether you're an experienced shot and are just exploring new possibilities you'll get the best advice and guidance on everything from, stalking right through to Safaris & Big Game at the shooting show.
Demonstration Of a Rifle With a Scope At The British Shooting Show


Target and Competition Rifles.

From 25 to 1,000 plus metres ... Rifles for every target and competition discipline. So whether it's .22BR, F Class, .50 Cal, Tactical or Gallery check out the hardware, discuss all the options and get all the latest technical and competition information.
Target Shooter Magazine At The British Shooting Show
You may well already be an experienced target shooter or you may be exploring the possibilities of this challenging sport – in either case you'll find a great group of guys, all with considerable experience in their chosen disciplines, and all ready and willing to share their knowledge and help you onto the right track.


Find out more about the Full Bore Target rifle scene, .22 Olympic disciplines, military rifle shooting, and gallery disciplines, including timed rapid fire and semi auto tactical and western style shooting etc. Plus specialist clubs, associations, where to shoot and everything you always wanted to know about reloading.


Tartget Rifle Shooting Associations At The British Shooting Show

Target rifle shooting associations

The NSRA (National and Small Bore Rifle Association) and the NRA (National Rifle Association) are the main organisations and administrators for target shooting in the UK.
Modern Tactical Rifles At The British Shooting Show


Modern Tactical Rifles & Military hardware.


Classic Military Rifles At The British Shooting Show


From an innovative "Bullpup" to the current British Army issue rifle through to the iconic AK and the latest sniper rifle developments - you'll see it all at The British Shooting Show.


Historic Military Rifles At The British Shooting Show


Classic Military Rifles

On display and with plenty for sale - Plus the incredible Lovat Society collection of historic sniper rifles.

United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association

- Not strictly rifle shooting but target shooting with shotguns. Plus shooting with "Pistol Carbines". Click image below for more info.
UKPSA At The British Shooting Show

One of the worlds greatest collections of Winchester rifles

See one of the worlds most comprehensive collections of limited and special edition Winchesters outside of the USA, on the North Cotes Butts stand at the show.


Mick Winchesters At The British Shooting Show

Scopes, Sights, Optics & Lights

See a huge range of scopes from the world leading manufacturers. Check out all the latest developments and new innovations only at the shooting show.
Scopes and Optics At The British Shooting Show
Schmidt and Bender At The British Shooting Show
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