Whether it's game, wildfowling or decoying... You'll find everything you need at the British Shooting Show

Shotguns for Fieldsport & Wildfowling.
A host of stands displaying the widest range of major international gun brands and fine English crafted sporting guns. Every type of gun for every shotgun discipline... so whether it's game shooting, wildfowling or decoying, and with a wealth of technical and product information from the manufacturers at your fingertips, you'll be more than spoiled for choice at The British Shooting Show.


Shotguns for sale


Competition Shotguns.
See all the specialist clay shooting competition guns from the major manufacturers. Check out new developments and what's on the horizon. See the latest developments in clay traps, clay shooting accessories and the specialised clothing market.


An Extraordinary Westley Richards Shotgun At The British Shooting Show


Get all the latest product information, check out new developments and handle and evaluate the widest range of guns. See and handle hundreds of current and new models. Get answers to the questions you've always wanted to ask. Make the best and most informed decision on the next gun you buy.
A Magnificent Shot From Longthorne


Check out all the special 'show only' offers and save ££'s on normal list prices. At The British Shooting Show you can really buy with confidence from the UK's most respected and established gun retailers.


Shotguns for sale


A Megastore for the Shotgun Shooter.The widest selection of guns from a host of Britain's best value gun retailers – All at The British Shooting Show 2015.


Traders Are Happy To Explain To The General Public About Their Shotguns at The British Shooting Show


UKPSA: United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association
International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Practical shooting requires a blend of accuracy, power, and speed so that you acquire a winning combination. The UKPSA supports many different disciplines of dynamic practical shooting within the UK. These include Shotgun (PSG), Handgun, Long Barrelled Revolver, Long Barrelled pistol, Gallery Rifle, Mini Rifle and Action Air. Practical Shooting is currently the second most popular international target shooting discipline and is now the fastest growing of the shooting disciplines. IPSC is the worldwide governing body for practical shooting today and numbers some 85 affiliated nations including most European countries.
The UKPSA administers the sport, sanctions graded and National championship competitions, selects the National Teams, affiliates clubs, organises training and maintains discipline and rules. Additionally the UKPSA caters for all shooters and particularly welcomes novice shooters, who are able to be trained at our well-received 'safety courses' and qualify to compete in practical matches. Shooters of all ages and abilities are able to compete together in our sport, and the UKPSA specifically recognises junior, lady, and senior classes, as well as supporting National teams for men and women across all the gun divisions.
The appeal of the sport lies in the diversity of the courses of fire available to the shooter. Targets vary in size, shape, position and distance from 3 to 60 yards (400 for rifle). The sport stemmed historically from a martial beginning, but now is a mainstream worldwide sport and appeals to shooters who like to combine numerous skills whilst shooting. Economy of movement, the ability to solve and plan how you shoot, your shooting skills / experience, and the desire to do well, all are elements that added up compose a shooters plan to complete a course of fire. Nowhere else will shooters find such a fun, challenging and invigorating shooting sport.
Safety is naturally the primary over-riding basis to this sport. Strict safety requirements and rules exist and eye and ear protection is mandatory for all UKPSA shoots. Only one shooter completes a course of fire at a time, strictly supervised one on one, by a trained and qualified Range Officer. Due to the exacting safety standards we adhere to UKPSA practical shooting has an exceptional safety record that we are very proud of and will maintain.
The UKPSA is constantly seeking new members to take up the challenge of practical shooting and we hope you will come and see us and take part at one of our affiliated clubs soon. We promise you will love it and never look back !
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16th, 17th, 18th February 2018

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