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The show has become firmly established as the UK's largest public shooting show.  Now entering its 9th year it attracts visitors worldwide.

More About Us

The show is a manufacturers platform enabling the introduction of new products to an always eager public.  Supporting the manufacturers are the industry's finest distributors and retailers, enabling the public to purchase products on the day.


A Fantastic Shooting Show

With the presence of leading manufacturers, retailers and shooting related accessories the number of exhibitors is constantly increasing  The total value of products on display to visitors is well over £30 million, with products ranging from the smallest of 'key fobs' tot he finest English hand-made guns.

We hope to see you at this years show.

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Westley Richards

Our Mission

To promote the UK shooting industry by bringing the best it has to offer to one place for everyone to see and enjoy.

Bonhams Shotguns

Our Values

To support innovation by the manufacturers, along with bringing new people into shooting. 

Schmidt and Bender Scopes

Our Solution

To provide a platform to support innovation and show it off to the shooting community and for the shooting community to get together to meet and share.

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16th, 17th, 18th February 2018

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